HP TeleForm Version 11 is released

We are pleased that to present major release of TeleForm. The new version 11 of TeleForm Multichannel capture platform contains useful improvements.

These are some excellent new enhanced features of the new Version:

- In addition to numerous features and improvements, TeleForm v11 brings full support for the latest Windows operating systems and database systems.
- The new, optimized OCR and Barcode recognition increases the detection performance and ensures less rework!
- The new user interface brings small but nice improvements for users of all TeleForm Program modules.
- eForm Suite for TeleForm is also compatible with the version 11

In addition, the web-based collection of images about TeleForm Web Capture a variant for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have been added (TeleForm Mobile Web Capture).

You can now spread TeleForm to the e-mail channel. With the optional fuzzy logic boost your system throughput immensely by integrating reference databases.

For further information please contact us.

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