7 High Performance Modules to expand your TeleForm Solution

intelligent eForms - hybrid capturing

The eForm Suite consists of seven modules, which can either be used individually, or connected and combined to a hybrid capturing solution.

1. Form Generator

This module is directly integrated in the TeleForm Designer and allows you to export a TeleForm form template as an intelligent eForm in Acrobat PDF or HTML format. All fields created in the TeleForm Designer (entry fields, segmented handwriting, single choice, multiple choice, text fields, date fields, dynamic barcodes, signatures, tables) are converted to electronic fill-in fields, field logic and plausibility rules are automatically applied.

Skipping orders, mandatory and optional fields, field templates (date, license plate number, etc.) are provided as well. The eForm Suite automatically completes the forms with interactive buttons for the navigation, saving and sending of eForms.
The Form Generator publishes generated forms in pre-defined directories, to a web server or other portal application.

2. Data Agent

At predefined intervals, this module retrieves completed forms or their data from any chosen data source via Directory-Polling, E-Mail-Polling, FTP (Data acceptance routines based on ASP and PHP). This module can be seen as a ‘reader’ for electronically received forms.
The Data Agent decrypts any encrypted information sent and directs it to the TeleForm Reader for interpretation, logic checks and graphic generation. Individual response pages for each form can be provided.

3. PDF Plus Merge

This new element of the eForm Suite bundle is the missing link for reliable, high speed, mass production of electronic PDF documents containing variable text, image or 1D and 2D barcode data including the popular QR symbol. 

It provides a comprehensive job profile management to set up form merge from data sources and mapping fields for data imprint. Output as PDF document or eForm file into output directories, attached printers or custom .NET release.

4. Integration Module for IIS and Apache Web Servers

This module is a web server extension capable of receiving electronic forms. It also serves data queries on personalization and automatic validation as well as auto-completion of form entries (database lookups).
HTML eForms may be configured and deployed as an offline web application for mobile devices, too.

5. PDF Archive Export Connect Agent

This new eForm Suite extension is used to export highly compressed PDF files in PDF/A1, PDF/A2 or PDF/A3 format. Optionally it can create searchable PDF portfolio collections including the recorded data from the TeleForm processing.

6. Export Connect Agent for AMP

The performance of the TeleForm AutoMerge Publisher is underestimated by many users. This TeleForm Export Connect Agent makes the usage of AutoMerge Publisher child’s play. Create TIF or PDF documents as personalized response documents using TeleForm fields and send these, for example, as e-mail or fax automatically.

7. eForm Export Connect Agent

This multimedia data export agent can create new form processes from a captured form using e-mail, print and directory print outs. It fills out form templates and sends these via e-mail (eReply) or deposits them in directories. It can also selectively embed scanned documents into PDF forms, allowing for visual testing and approval processes within eForms. In addition, those exports can be extended with system documents and JavaScripts.

8. PDF Form Report

Have you ever been confronted with the task of documenting a TeleForm form project? This is a tool for automating the creation of TeleForm template documentation. This is valuable for users who, for regulative reasons, are required to precisely document any changes in a template. Field arrangements, field types, field names and field properties are quickly accessible and visualized in a graphic representation of the form.


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