11 good reasons to use the eForm Suite for TeleForm

1. Already used professionally by more than 300 customers worldwide

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2. Create premium eForms

  • Use TeleForm Designer as a desktop publisher for eForms, import existing PDF documents or scan a physical copy of the form.
  • All fields created in the TeleForm Designer are converted.
  • Skipping orders, mandatory and optional fields, field templates are provided for.
  • eForm Suite carries out automatic field value, length and range checks – for date fields, too.
  • Completely automatic creation and embedding of form logic for client-side plausibility checks when completing forms – no programming is necessary.

3. Optimize your form templates

  • Define which security functions should be implemented for the PDF form: font embedding, content extraction and editing rights, password security.
  • Define the behavior of the eForm, for example, whether it should open in the application window or as a full screen window for touch-screen/kiosk applications or Tablet PCs.
  • Save printing and mailing expenses and send your PDF forms by e-mail, or make your forms available on the internet/intranet. Attach a QR code symbol to your print outs, so that responders may choose to complete the form digital on their smartphone or tablet.

4. Easy handling for the user

  • Users click on a URL or open a PDF form as e-mail attachment.
  • Current HTML web browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox , Google Chrome, Opera  and Apple Safari as well as Acrobat Reader Version 5 to XI as well as the new DC and the full version of Acrobat are supported – whether Apple, Linux or Windows.
  • Interactive button bars can be activated, as well as embeddable hyperlinks, help functions in PDF documents and highlighting of mandatory fields, making completing forms easier.
  • Offline completion with e-mail delivery of the data with Acrobat Reader Version 6 or higher or with synchronization of offline cached data with web browser.
  • Saving forms and their data with free Adobe Reader.
  • Saving verified, delivered form copies on the TeleForm server.

5. Client-side validation during completion

  • Client-side validation during form completion: mandatory/optional fields, single/multiple choice, date and field length check, field templates.
  • Client-side cross-field validation through optional JavaScript embedding.

6. Server-side validation and acceptance of form data

  • Establishing of data queries on personalization and automatic validation as well as auto-completion of form entries (database lookups).
  • Respondents can either send data online over the web or asynchronously as encrypted e-mail.
  • Optimal security through public/private key form data encryption with e-mail and http.

7. TeleForm Server-side review and correction

  • Same status for eForms and paper forms – that means that eForms pass through TeleForm Reader and Verifier with all their functions, including server-side scripting function.
  • Review of data entries – "always review" attribute at field level, controllable by script.

8. Multiple data export

  • Data export of field contents, process information (e.g. notes, mail addresses, fax numbers) and image documents.
  • Optional creation of static TIF or PDF/A documents for revision proof archiving.
  • Support for all TeleForm export capabilities, e.g. SPSS, XML, ODBC databases.

9. eForm Connect Agent

  • The eForm Connect Agent creates new eForm processes from captured data.
  • Creation of pre-filled form templates with automatic e-mail delivery.
  • Simple creation of work flow applications.
  • Automatic dispatch of confirmation e-mails, optionally with new form attachments.

10. Extendibility

  • JavaScript library for embeddable functions can be maintained and extended.
  • Contains scripting editor and VBA script environment for integrating your applications.
  • With PDF export from your TeleForm Designer, programmers receive control functions via VBA scripting – for example to publish a form in a central form repository.

11. No-risk purchase

  • eForm Suite for TeleForm is available as a 30-day test version. If you are interested in a trial version please write an e-mail including your TeleForm version and your licence key.


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