Collect documents and forms from anywhere

TeleForm Scan Station

Easy to use high-speed environment for the scanning operator to execute scan jobs with ISIS and Twain scanners in batch- or stream mode. Includes full quality control at the time of scanning, image rescan, manual import, different color and resolution setting and dynamic image processing. 


TeleForm Web Capture Server

Allows for distributed scan jobs through either remote scanning, web based scanning or through Smart MFP and mobile scanning i.e. using your phone. 


TeleForm Remote Scan Station  

Remote capture for asynchronous capture and release (e.g. via FTP) is available too. Especially useful in more distributed WAN environment with lower bandwidth.


TeleForm Web Capture Server
TeleForm Remote Scan Station

MFP´s with “1-button” scan jobs

Centrally manage and deploy scan jobs to your fleet of OXP enabled MFP`s 


Centrally manage scan- and processing jobs for distributed use in your organization via Web, MFP or Twain-Scanning.


Multi-Source Input Management: Capture Data, Documents and Forms from all sources

Hot Folder and XML Imports, Fax-Servers and e-mail

TeleForm Input Connect Agents can be configured to automatically poll directories for XML and file data. The AutoBatchCreation API and the eMail-polling mechanism can be used to easily link to existing MFP´s or fax servers.

eForms Intake using the Data Agent

Electronic Forms can send data, images and signatures via web server or eMail. The Data Agent decrypts the received forms and data and hands it over to the Teleform Reader – where forms are processed by the exact same rules as their paper counterparts. This allows for true hybrid processing with one central set of validation rules.


  • eMails + attachments polling
  • Fax integration, hot folders


  • Via Twain & ISIS

Workgroup / Network Scanning

  • MFP-Devices/Copier
  • Digital Sender, MFP Devices

Active Remote-Scanning

  • Remote ScanStation WAN / FTP
  • Web based scanning

Mobile Capture

  • Tablets & smartphones with camera support

eForms Intake

  • Capture infos from electronic forms in HTML and PDF

API based intake 

  • Develop your own mechanism for the import of streams and batches of documents, electronic messages or records produced by other applications

Scan from anywhere 

TeleForm Web Scan Station

provides a web based scanning environment that is easy to roll-out and simple to maintain using this browser based scan client. Job execution, image QC and batch level data entry are executed prior to the release and upload to the server for further processing.

Remote Capture Station

is a rich client application that allows to execute scan jobs asynchronously at remote locations. Scan jobs are managed centrally and synched via FTP or HTTP connections.


Remote Capture Station