Smart interactive Forms – Enhancing M-Files®

PDF eForms with database lookups or signatures

PDF eForms can be either prepopulated with lookup lists from existing databases at the time of rendering, or they can do live-lookups via HTTP n-tier access.




(1) Customers can easily fill out a form (2) press the send button and submit data asynchronously, but encrypted through regular eMail. (3). TeleForm processes the eForm similar to a paper form, but OCR is not required. (4).

PDF`s can be legally signed in various different ways using the Acrobat® signature handler.

eFormSuite M-Files Integration Module
Use eForms right within the M-Files® Client. 

Use existing M-Files metadata to create new prepopulated eForms. Fill out forms and submit the content right into M-Files as documents, meta data or for the creation of new M-Files objects.
Export captured documents, forms, attachments or image snippets into M-Files as documents or objects.