Flexible Data Export to M-Files® and your backend systems

TeleForm Export Connect Agents Framework

M-Power FORMS TeleForm Capture is legally bound to M-Files® as the primary export target.

The TeleForm architecture allows for multiple (and conditional) export connect agents to be executed thereafter, so secondary export can take extracted data and images from forms, documents to ERP, CRM, databases. 


M-Files® Export Connect Agent incl. PDF /A and compression options

Data, images and job routing information for forms and document streams can be used to create both documents and objects in the M-Files® repository. The M-Files® Export Connect Agent allows to map your form/job definition with the M-Files® metadata model. Forms and attachments can be handled apart from each other. Numerous options for format conversion, full text OCR, compression and security options are available.



TeleForm (aka M-Power FORMS)

Flexible processing for any document Capturing, classification, extraction, format conversion and flexible exports to trigger actions or to initiate e-reply responses. M-Power FORMS does it all.



One platform for fax, scan, web, eForm, SMS, eMail.  
Even custom integration with any other source via API.


Smart data collection right from the start: Electronic forms in HTML5

eFormSuite HTML Form Generator

Draw your forms using the TeleForm Designer and use the TeleForm template library to define your form pages, fields, sections and configure the dynamic data entry validation rules (using the EPEL language) that make up your electronic form. 


Export your dynamic HTML form with unique capabilities like camera capture, signature zones, sliders, date pickers, and smart database lookups in a web based n-tier model. The form can be uploaded into a directory, made available in your web server or be published right into M-Files® for the use within M-Files®. Forms can be optimized for mobile use and may include offline data collection capabilities e.g. for field services.


HTML Forms

Use your tablet to capture data in the field.

eForms can be stored on the mobile device and are available for offline use. 
The new dynamic flow layout adapts to the screen size.