TeleForm Designer Manage and define your Capturing Jobs

TeleForm Designer Manage and define your Capturing Jobs

TeleForm Designer

Central admin module to define your capture and document analysis jobs. It contains the graphical form designer for machine readable forms, the rule sets for document classification, definitions for forms, pages, fields, validation and data enhancement. Existing document layouts can be trained and new layouts can be designed with the form designer – much in the fashion of a desktop-publishing or word processing system.


Document ID, Form ID 

With geometric measurements, corner stones or comparison with databases, Logo detection, keyword search, etc.

Stream analysis and separation

By file name, barcode, name conventions, script, patch code, by input channel, media or format, by document ID / form ID, etc.

Field Types

Fulltext OCR, zonal OCR, constrained ICR, free single line ICR, OMR checkmarks, circles, crosses for single or multiple choice, date-fields, OCR-A,B, MiCR, barcode, 2D barcode, image zone, logo zone.

Validation rules

Dictionaries, DB Lookup, date zone, value range, single or multiple choice, must be filled, percentage, regular expressions, etc.

Data Enhancement

Cross field validation, script, mathematical conditions, regular expressions, fuzzy logic, lookups against text / DB, SQL lookups, etc.

3-in-1 Graphical Design Control

Define compound objects consisting of question or audit item (title), answer options, graphical representation (fonts, color, geometrics, alignment) and validation rules. Store and manage these compound elements in your library for frequent use.

Prepopulated Form Fields

Forms can be prefilled with data – either static or dynamic from script, from databases or via the AutoMerge function.

Exports & Stats

Each job definition can have up to 16, conditionally executed exports. Control attachments, or cut out image snippets, the handling of signatures etc.

Primary Export is into M-Files®. Additionally data and documents can be exported to DB, XML,CSV, ERP, SPSS, CRM etc.