Features of TeleForm

Form Designer

A point-and-click application for easily implementing automated forms processing and document capture. Designer includes complete layout tools to create new forms and to automate your existing forms and document types.

In addtion, the product eForm Suite extends your TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms (so-called eForms), and to process these on an equal footing with paper based documents. Learn more about eForm Suite for TeleForm!


TeleForm is compatible with TWAIN, ISIS and WIA scanning devices. Teleform also offers remote document capture to suit the needs of organisations with distributed locations that may prefer scanning documents at the point of collection and importing them directly into the system for further centralised processing.

Capture, View and Index Non-Image File Types

Supports viewing of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphic, multimedia and other formats without the native file application.

Content-based Classification

Automatically classifies and sorts forms and semi- and unstructured layouts via barcode, form identification, full page keyword, phrase and concept-based identification algorithms.

Automatic Data Extraction

Automatic extraction of key indexes from forms and semi- and unstructured layouts by best-in-class voting recognition engines. TeleForm can accurately extract data and text from specific fields using multi-language recognition technology. TeleForm offers OCR for more than 180 languages, ICR for hand-printed text for over 110 languages, checkmark recognition for a wide range of checkboxes and barcode recognition.

Apply Intelligence to Validate Information

Often the data contained in forms and documents is inherently inaccurate or difficult to read, a problem which accumulates as that data travels through business processes. With TeleForm, automated business-rules processing functions can be easily defined via point-and-click setup interfaces to ensure the data entering enterprise systems is 100% complete and accurate. Exceptions are intelligently routed to the right human operators for review and correction.

Document Package Handling

Allows multiple levels of association for forms and documents within a batch; group “sets” of forms and documents together.

Anytime QC

Enables users to view, rotate, add, delete, copy, reposition and automatically or manually reclassify and index at any time during the life of the batch, from scan to commit.

Verification Application

Verification personnel can manually check the data to ensure that it is correct and can manually enter some data, for example text that is unrecognisable. Verification of the data is an optional step and verification settings can be used to speed up or simplify the process.

Auditing and Tracking

Track interactions between people, systems, images and associated data. Log all system configuration and security changes. Uniquely configure level of tracking for each business application.

Digital Record Signature Support

Provides ability for a user to digitally sign records associated with views of or changes made to data in the TeleForm system.

Print Merge Application

Merges electronic data onto forms for automated printing and faxing.

Automated Workflow

Paper-originated forms and documents from TeleForm can easily and rapidly feed into electronic-based in-process or initiate workflows in LiquidOffice.

You may also establish simple workflows with the eForm Suite for TeleForm using the eForm Export Connect Agent. This multimedia data export agent can create new form processes from a captured form using e-mail, print and directory print outs.

Flexible Export Interfaces

Automatically delivers data to more than 300 business systems, for example: Files, external databases (via ODBC), Microsoft SharePoint 2003/2007 and any business application, ERP or ECM/DMS system.


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