Intelligent Forms Automation with LiquidOffice

Efficiently collect information using eForms, automate customer-driven workflows and improve customer responsiveness.

Every day, customers and employees enter information on forms of one kind or another and no matter how they are created, distributed and captured — on paper, in electronic documents, by email, fax or using electronic forms — it is critical the information is processed accurately and in a timely manner. Capturing and processing enterprise information is an essential part of any organization and being able to do this efficiently can improve an organization’s bottom line and provide a competitive advantage. However, organizations still rely on manual, paper-based information gathering to capture, validate, review and route information to the people and systems using it.

Intelligent forms automation with LiquidOffice

LiquidOffice Features

Form designer

Systems integration

Intuitive data collection

Reporting and analytics

Manage thousands of eForms each day

Intelligent Process Automation with LiquidOffice enables eForms creation, distribution and automated data collection that eliminates manual data entry, improves efficiency, controls costs and expedites products and services. Users can easily handle thousands of rich web eForms each day to capture information, provide online access to employees and cus-tomers, quickly route information for review and immediately update integrated systems.

LiquidOffice provides a web-based solution for creating and deploying electronic forms and automatically managing the corresponding routing, tracking and approval of workflow steps. eForms allow users to quickly put their forms online and present them to internal and external users.

LiquidOffice enables the rapid deployment of eForms through an intuitive point-and-click Form Designer, making it easy to create forms and add intelligence to existing forms. Integration with Enterprise Content Management solutions and other systems provides an archive repository for completed forms and the ability to integrate in-formation between systems and processes.

Streamline use of electronic forms

Powered by intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, LiquidOffice accelerates the design and execution of structured workflow steps for unique business requirements and regulatory compliance needs. No programming expertise is required. Designers can view and manipulate workflow steps as they are created and simulate execution offline. With LiquidOffice, users can adjust workflow eForms automatically and dynamically to improve business flow performance.

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