M-Files Process Maps

Connect data and simplify Processes

The Document and Information Management Software M-Files helps organizations and their employees with centralized enterprise search and intelligent information management. The Add-on M-Files Process Maps enhances this with a single visual experience and brings it all together: Data, Documents and Processes. With a built-in Process Maps Designer, various Business Process Modelling Notations and direct connection to the objects and workflows of the M-Files vault, M-Files Process Maps allows organizations to connect data intelligently and display it in a way that works best with our brains.

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Product Overview

  • Create models of complex business processes according to BPMN 2.0, FLOW Charts, Event driven process chains (EPC), Value Chain diagrams (VCD, also called PORTFOLIO), M-Files WORKFLOW Maps or free‐modelling concept maps
  • Use the built-in graphical Process Maps Designer to link M-Files objects to the map
  • Show metadata of existing M-Files objects within the map or in clickable tooltips
  • Import / Export / Re-use elements easily through Drag&Drop
  • Navigate maps in separate preview tabs in M‐Files client by using anchors and viewports
  • Search, view, open, edit and create M-Files objects directly within a process map

and more:

  • Create different views and job aids for specialist departments and change workflow status directly within the process map
  • Access external content by invoking various commands on the map
  • Set Home Screens and interactive navigation by using master maps

User Interface

Screen 1

1/7 M-Files Process Maps: Home‐Screen Configuration with a clickable master map to navigate into sub‐maps in other workflow notations

Screen 1

2/7 M-Files Process Maps: BPMN 2.0 Collaboration Diagram within the built-in Designer

Screen 1

3/7 M-Files Process Maps: Free Drawing Template of a Turtle Diagram

Screen 1

4/7 M-Files Process Maps: Anchors and Target Zones to invoke Navigation within one map

Screen 1

5/7 M-Files Process Maps: Dynamic color and text elements based on metadata evaluation

Screen 1

6/7 M-Files Process Maps: Query M‐Files for Objects, Tasks, Documents, Templates and Workflows

Screen 1

7/7 M-Files Process Maps: Value Chain Diagrams and Portfolio Maps

The brain processes visuals 60.000x faster than text

The key idea is already in the product name: Process Maps allow to visually navigate among pieces of documented information stored in M-Files. Process Maps guide users to the right information in a natural and comprehensive way. The guiding line may be along processes, organizational aspects or abstract concepts the M-Files users shall understand and adhere too.

The add-on includes a designer application to create maps, which supports multiple charting methodologies and an interactive preview for consumption, interaction and navigation. Tightly integrated with the M-Files metadata model, maps can display and create dynamic content, placeholders, links to maps, views and further M-Files content.

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