TeleForm: Automated Document Solution

TeleForm is a highly intelligent data capture system designed to reduce data entry and manual processes associated with paper based forms projects. The software offers unrivalled flexibility in capturing handwritten data from paper and seamlessly incorporate the data output into secure, automated business applications. Through the scan and verification interface, forms and associated documents are classified, recognized, verified and transferred into reliable, accurate, searchable and highly structured electronic data critical to business processes.

Included in TeleForm

  • Advanced Forms Designer (questionnaires, surveys, application forms)
  • Existing Forms Overlay (invoices, purchase orders etc)
  • Structured Document Handling (contracts, notes, articles)


  • Easily and rapidly aquire information from paper into any ODBC database from both distributed and centralized locations
  • Easily verify the accuracy and clean the data prior to release for further use
  • Increase productivity through reduction of manual key entry across a disparate, global enterprise

The focus of the TeleForm solution is on simplifying the manual effort of extracting raw data for use in statistical analysis and the transfer of data to downstream business process applications such as ERP systems or document management or archival systems. TeleForm automatically reads hand print, machine print, optical mark, barcodes and signatures. Data is then automatically exported into your desired database format through both ODBC as well as specifically configured connect agents.

Classify and Extract Information Rapidly

Virtual Classification: Many forms and documents of all sizes and formats originate outside the organisation creating expensive manual processes beyond the control of the enterprise. TeleForm will identify the document type and assemble one- and multi-page documents outside the mix of pages and automatically classifies documents with various layouts of any complexity including:

  • Multi-page documents
  • Documents with a variable number of pages
  • Documents containing multi-page tables
  • Documents with image or text attachments

Capture: Before being processed, documents they must invariably be sorted and scanned. Rather than using separator sheets or presorting documents by hand, a time consuming and costly process, Teleform imploys a robust capture framework that automatically identifies and sorts scanned documents into “virtual piles” for further processing without any human intervention.
Key Benefit: Customers typically see a 60% - 80% reduction in manual processing of data from paper forms and documents due to streamlined key entry from forms and documents as well as significant reductions in errors leading to significant cost savings.

eForm Suite for TeleForm - Hybrid Capturing Enhancement for TeleForm

Expand the TeleForm to a unique hybrid capturing platform for all electronic and paper based capturing processes

The product eForm Suite extends the TeleForm solution with the ability to create intelligent PDF and HTML forms (so-called eForms), and to process these on an equal footing with paper based documents.

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TeleForm Features

Form Designer


Capture, View and Index Non-Image File Types

Content-based Classification

Automatic Data Extraction

Apply Intelligence to Validate Information

Document Package Handling

Anytime QC

Verification Application

Auditing and Tracking

Digital Record Signature Support

Print Merge Application

Automated Workflow

Flexible Export Interfaces

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