Electric Paper: Automated Document Solutions

Electric Paper is a full service provider in software, hardware and consulting services with over 1200 customers in paper and online business process automation.

The integrated software/hardware solutions from Electric Paper are designed around the management of documents and online forms. Data collected is checked, corrected, released and processed through various phases (workflow). Once the data is secured, the statistical processing of data into statistical reports and graphs is considered and integrated into the overall solution.

Creative input management: overcoming technology issues

We created our slogan “scanning instead of typing” at the end of the 90s, to describe the potential benefits of digital document reading (OCR, ICR, OMR). Today there are a multitude of methods for cross-media work: 2D barcodes, smartphones, Tablet PC, fax servers, multi-function copiers, digital pens, electronic forms in PDF or HTML, etc.
We are happy to discuss device integration as any of our solutions can be tailored to your specific project requirements. Because of our tacit experience in the area of business process automation, we will always provide the best rather than the most technical solution recommendation that fit the requirements of your organization. Often we find that pen and paper are more economical, more flexible and easier to use than all gadgetry put together!

Save time & money with solution modules

To help you in taking a cost-effective approach, we think in "solution components". This allows us to ensure that the provided solution can be implemented in the shortest possible time. The individual solution components are dynamically linked via interface modules. This has several advantages for the user: We ensure that our applications are the optimal additions to the existing software and hardware infrastructure, so that the implementation remains feasible for a “smaller” budget. Secondly, we consider the solution components as standard modules, which are documented and quality assured. The feature depth and flexibility of the emerging solutions is not only larger than those of individual software solutions, but also cuts long-term costs.

Empowerment is better than dependence

Our goal as a software developer, is that you acquire your own skills and use these skills to explore further uses for the technology. Our customers constantly explore new application possibilities, which can be addressed with the Electric Paper solutions team. We develop our products based on customer suggestion and consider customer input key to our innovation process. We offer training, support and coaching.

Customer satisfaction

Only if we thoroughly understand your issues, are we capable of creating sustainable solutions. Thus, we offer users exactly the tools that they need to achieve their goals. We want their expectations to be not only met but exceeded. We regularly ask our users for feedback on the support, consulting and training we provide.