Our individual solutions are based on well-established software products from various manufacturers, supplemented by our own developments and customizings and merged in the Electric Paper Suite. The Electric Paper Suite provides a coherent solution portfolio for modern information management (Capture, Manage, Store, Route). The individual solution components are dynamically connected via interface modules.

Electric Paper Suite - eliminates the flood of information, regulates the flow of data

The Electric Paper Suite provides a coherent solution portfolio for modern information management (Capture, Manage, Store, Route). Renowned, market-leading standard software solutions are bundled in the suite and connected via defined interfaces in such a way that users experience significant added value. The suite is enriched with best practice examples of efficient implementation, scripting libraries, eLearning components.

For you, this has several advantages: We ensure that our applications as an ideal complement to the existing software and hardware infrastructure are feasible even for smaller budgets. On the other hand, we consider the solution components as standard software components that are documented and quality assured. The functional depth and flexibility of the resulting solutions is not only greater than that of individual software solutions, but also future-proof and cheaper in the long term. So you are faster at the finish, get more power with less investment.

Product module overview

Intelligent data capturing with TeleForm: scanning instead of typing

TeleForm is a highly intelligent data capture system designed to reduce data entry and manual processes associated with paper based forms projects. The software offers unrivalled flexibility in capturing handwritten data from paper and seamlessly incorporate the data output into secure, automated business applications.
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eForm Suite: Hybrid Capturing Enhancement for TeleForm

eForm Suite doubles the value of your TeleForm Solution by enhancing TeleForm with several functions for the hybrid capturing of paper and eForms both in HTML and PDF format.
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M-Files: Document Management made simple

Sometimes finding the right document when you need it seems impossible. Where was that file saved? Who edited it last? What if it didn't matter? M-Files® organizes everything based on what it is, so you never have to remember where it's saved or which version ist the right one.
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M-Files Process Maps

The M-Files Add-on M-Files Process Maps allows organizations to connect data and documents from M-Files intelligently and display it in a way that works best with our brains.
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Intelligent Forms Automation with LiquidOffice

Intelligent Process Automation with LiquidOffice enables eForms creation, distribution and automated data collection that eliminates manual data entry, improves efficiency, controls costs and expedites products and services.
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Add-Ons for TeleForm: Additional Functionalities

While we developed many specific add-ons based on user-criteria, we have a couple of repetitive requests which lead to more productized offerings.
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